I am so honored to have a Michael White original painted chair!  It looks good in my new place - and is generating wonderful reactions!

Steven of Steven Shires Photography 2015 

Michael White's artwork is a beautiful addition to my living room walls. I love it!  I find it inviting and calming. And I have received many compliments on the painting from friends and neighbors.

D Barlow 2014

Hello my love! Every time I look at my painting(your painting) I love it more and more. I look at it and it takes my breath away!  I feel your spirit and my spirit! There is so much heart in that painting and like Dwayne said, passion! It's a masterpiece! I think it's a Van Gogh in the making-an original Michael White!  There are no words to say thank YOU.  But I am looking at my walls to see where the next Michael White will hang!

L Sauget 2013

I am addicted to Michael White art!

I am so in love with both pieces you did you cannot imagine!  I think you are a genius! You are so talented and such an open channel that it is no wonder what you do is perfect!  You truly are a Ray of White Light! :-)

Thank you!  I want more! L Sauget 2014


I wanted to thank you for the beautiful 12x12 limited printed with the read heart on canvas you did for me to give to hubs for Father's Day. It was a perfect embodiment of the love we feel as a family. You are indeed blessed to have such creative talents and to be able to share it with us is a gift you give us.

Thank You  

K Simmone 2015